A Tidbit From The Oracle Conference Call

Amdocs (DOX) and Comverse (CNSI) both provide billing software and services for telcos. As a shareholder of both I found a portion of the Oracle Q&A very interesting. The following is a portion of the Oracle conference call on Wednesday from Seeking Alpha (my emphasis added):
Larry Ellison

We have a very, very significant presence in billing systems, in provisioning systems, in the telco space. And what we’d like to become is one of the most strategic suppliers to telcos overall, which involves broadening our footprint of what we supply them.

So you’re going to see us, through our own engineering, through innovation and acquisitions, greatly broaden our footprint as our ambition is to be the primary technology provider to the telecommunications industry. So that’s an area where we’ve been very successful, in certain parts of it, and we think we can expand that business by adding to the footprint.

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