Random Thoughts

  • I have been toying with the idea of adding to my hedges all day but ultimately decided not to because the  turn of the month is upon us.

  • There were a slew of secondaries announced after the bell yesterday. This is the second week in a row we see bankers rolling out the supply.

  • The LinkedIn lockup ended yesterday and it seems insiders want to cash in some of their funny money for real world spending money.

  • There has been a lot of "I'm bullish cause everyone else is looking for a correction" talk recently.

  • What do readers think of the new "Stock Of the Day" feature?

  • Does the fact that I'm hesitant to add to my hedges mean that we'll finally see a pullback that lasts more than an hour?


frank r said...

You asked for feedback, so I'll give it.You've been discussing Lowes/Home Depot and Vodafone off and on for some time. I think you should stick to the old format. Discuss a stock when you have something to say. Forcing yourself to a rigid "stock of the day" format is going to make you feel pressured to say something when you have nothing to say. Sort of like me right now.

Now here's a random thought of my own. If the desire of Mr Market is to frustrate as many people as possible, how does that play in with the Nov election? If the economy holds together for another 8 months and stocks keep going up, Obama will probably be re-elected. Is that more frustrating for more people than if the economy and stock market collapse before November and Romney gets elected? How about this: stocks go up, obama get re-elected, stocks continue going up, or stocks go down, romney get elected, stocks continue going down. Which will surprise and frustrate more people?

Onlooker from Troy said...

I like your stock of the day posts.  It's interesting to see how you analyze these things and make investing decisions.  thanks

OriginalChaos said...

Stock of the Day is a great idea. As usual I like your thought process.

OriginalChaos said...

Also- to me there appears to be universal bullishness. It's an accident waiting to happen IMHO. That said I'm flat and bored out of my mind.

Eric Hilf said...

Buying pressure seems to always be lurking just under the surface. Even a 4% drop in durables could barely tamper it.

I would also not add to hedges on the short side (I presume) right before what has so often been the 1st of the month 'jumper' trade.I trade mostly ETFs these days. But if I think I can profit I'll do stocks too.