Advisers More Bullish

The NAAIM was one of the few indicators that was bullish until last week. This week the NAAIM indicator has turned more bearish as advisors turn more bullish. This is not necessarily a great timing indicator but it tends to tell you what part of the rally we are in. Tops are made when advisers are bullish and bottoms are made when advisers are bearish but the sentiment can persist. Every top in recent years has had advisers bullish, but not every time advisers were bullish marked a top. From the NAAIM:


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More Evidence of Adviser Bullishness said...

[...] Earlier I posted the results of the latest NAAIM survey showing advisers have turned bullish. I have come across yet another survey showing just how bullish they have become. From Financial Planning h/t @ReformedBroker: Financial advisors have turned decidedly more optimistic about the market’s prospects for 2012, according to an SEI Quick Poll released Thursday. Nine in 10 of the advisors surveyed in early February said they expect a positive return for the S&P 500 in 2012, up 18% from a similar survey conducted in mid-January. More than six in 10, 63%, predicted gains greater than 5%, a sentiment that spread dramatically from just three weeks ago. [...]