Ignoring My Own Advice

At the beginning of the week I wrote:
In the short run we are overbought and will remain so through Wednesday. The overbought reading will likely put a lid on the upside in the early portion of this week.

Unfortunately, I did not heed my indicators as I did not expect a decline of this magnitude. Rather than go on another rant about the ECB I will focus this post on what my indicators are saying now.

The good news is that we are no longer overbought. Unfortunately, we are not yet at a good oversold reading either. The reason being that we had a lot of chopiness in recent weeks. In the very short term we should see a bounce as is usually the case after three hard down days. But both sentiment and the overbought/oversold indicators are not calling for much more. Once we get a bounce we will likely be back in no man's land in terms of short term indicators.

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