There do seem to be markups today as many of the widely held names are doing quite well (AAPL, AMZN, IBM, AXP, HD etc.) . However, the continued liquidation in commodities are hitting the rest of the market very hard. Depending on what you own you can be having a much better day than the averages or much worse.

We are flattish for the past two days but my portfolio is down nearly 1% over that period. There are few things more annoying for me than underperforming a sideways market.


Tsachy Mishal said...

The good thing is Im now underperforming a market going down.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your comments... thank you for your insights... its nice to see someone who is not sooooooooooo arrogant and can see both sides of the argument .... AND MOST OF ALL, is not afraid to admit he is wrong from time to time... L' shana tova oomtuka to you and your family ... hatzlach rabbah in all your endeavors