Liquidations "R" Us

It seems quite clear to me that we are seeing liquidations and forced sales. We have been seeing tremendous moves recently on no real news. I had a very rough couple of days of trading after trading very well for the past few weeks. One of my positions blew up this week, Walgreens, and this market shows no mercy.

I remain long and quite beat up. I will be out until Monday. Shanah Tovah/Happy New Year to my Jewish readers. Good luck to everybody for the rest of the week.

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frank r said...

Back up to 35% stocks after getting out wednesday before the crash. I'm not really trying to trade these short-term swings, but there seems to be potential for making money that way. I'm hesitant to go too long because I suspect 1120 line won't hold. But I'm also uncomfortable being without stocks at current prices.