Europe Is Scary

  • There is talk of a Greek default in the very near future and it does not seem out of the realm of possibilities.

  • I completely sold out of my CVS position as the stock has performed fabulously and I am scared.

  • "without a boom, it’s harder to have a bust." -Howard Marks. That quote by Howard Marks is why I believe a muddle is the most likely outcome.

  • I am more optimistic than most and my positioning is quite conservative. That is the most bullish thing about this market.

  • This market is going to rip higher if a solution to Europe is found. Everybody is out of the pool.

  • I actually believe Greece should be let go and the rest of Europe should be ring fenced. The problem is that it will take  a lot of fire power to ring fence the rest of Europe and the political will does not appear to be there. At least not yet.

  • Is the comparison of Greece to Lehman Brothers simply recency bias? Wouldn't Argentina be a better comparison?

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