Added To Small DAX Long

I added a small amount this morning to my small German DAX long. I want to save the bulk of my firepower in case the worst case plays out.


frank r said...

I was hoping for a wipeout this morning, but it doesn't look that will happen. Nevertheless, moved another 5% to stocks, half US, half international.

Shubh Desai said...

I been buying Europe ADR stocks like TOT, E, TEF, FTE that has good div. I have STD, VOD and BP on watch list to buy in next two weeks. I have spent 25% on Europe high div stocks. I am saving 65% for US stocks with hope they go down more. US is not pricing Europe troubles and recession here. I hope to see lower prices here in US. We can revisit 2010 low by OCT 10. I think this is repeat of 2008 in Europe so US will participate in 2008 replay but not as harsh as 2008. It will be mid level. I see down trend similar to 2008. SEP will be going lower and find bottom on OCT 10th then will go up or side way and another bottom on NOV 21st. My guess is on OCT 10th S&P will be 1020. and on NOV 21st S&P will be 960.