Random Thoughts

  • The VIX spiked to over 38

  • The ECB and Italy came to an agreement that should kick the can further down the road at worst and solve the crisis at best.

  • Yet this market still cannot run.

  • I still think we see a rally. If not today than next week.

  • I am dying to hedge my portfolio so I can rest but I cannot allow myself to do it under these conditions.

  • If I sleep until 4 AM these days I feel lucky.

  • It is really annoying to be short 121 SPY Puts that expire in an hour and a half with the market oscillating at that level for the past 2 hours.

  • I wanted to just buy them back a few times but there is still a ton of premium in them.

1 comment:

Onlooker from Troy said...

Writing those puts wasn't a good way to help you relax!  Nerve wracking, I'm sure.  Good luck with it.   (By the way, I know you meant to write 121 SPY, not 131)