VIX Not Budging

Despite the fat that the market is higher the VIX is not budging. Do any readers have an opinion on the implications?


Anonymous said...

vix is parabolic here which implies a last washout whether that's this afternoon or a gap down into quadruple witching.  no coincidence that the greek panic & resolution will coincide with expiration.  whichever way the short term herd is positioned should be slaughtered by 4pm fri.

Anonymous said...

as my bubbe used to say about matadors: nischt gut for the bulls

Tsachy Mishal said...

It looks like we got our answer on the VIX not budging.

Anonymous said...

I just got back to my desk and at this moment
 visibly self-explanatory. As a former options mm
have been relying on the vix – rvx – vxn as
predictor and most of the time they work. The vix was rangebound in the past 2
weeks bc the selloff is orderly and relatively slow, but since the vix not just put call ratio
but more like speed at this point the speed
of the market should accelerate
There are times when the the market is declining
with declining vix bc of the nature of its speed indicator. ie  from 12/17/08 until 12/30/08  there  was a dramatic fall in the vix while the mkt was also falling.

Fred Ngo said...

Well, it's budging now...

Anonymous said...

(June 2nd somebody bought 50000 vix July 35 calls paying 32.5 cents in the vix pit. Up a cool 2.8
million as of today)