Is Paulson Toast

A Wall Street Journal article yesterday noted that John Paulson's flagship fund was down approximately 20% for the year. In a market that is flattish for the year those are the type of numbers that lead to redemptions. Paulson's funds under management were as high as $38 billion. There is no room for error with those types of numbers.


Anonymous said...

Predicting a turn is poking in the dark. Old technical
patterns are not working Our responsible funds
trading against huge HF’s market moving irresponsible OPM .
Market could turn today tomorrow or July 1st but
IMO the market driver will trigger an event
..monetary policy will reestablish downtrend in the dollar
since its strength pushing down
asset prices.
( Paulson is fine…his investors are toast ...)

Tsachy Mishal said...

Very true. Paulson will ge fine. i wont be shedding a tear for him.