Faith In The Japanese

I believe that honor will help the Japanese avert a nuclear disaster. If the disaster happened in the US we likely would be seeing the class action suits piling up already. The attitude in Japan is completely different as workers are spraying the radiation with hoses, knowingly and willingly risking their life for the greater good of society. I would bet the CEO of Tokyo Electric would walk up to the reactor and piss on it if he thought he could avert a disaster by doing that while a US CEO would probably give encouragement from a safe place far away.

The willingness of individuals to sacrifice for the greater good of society will likely help the Japanese through this terrible tragedy. I believe we will wake up one day soon to find out that the situation is under control and the rebuilding could get under way.


Unknown said...

A lot of people who work at US nuclear plants started off in the US Navy. They already volunteered their life once and would probably do it again if need be.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I apologize if I implied that no Americans would be willing to risk their lives. My point was it is just a much more predominant trait in Japan.

Unknown said...

No offense taken, I just wanted to point out that nuclear plant operators here are a different breed. I agree with your point that our culture is way too legalistic.