Either Way

The bulls and bears can both make a good argument for tomorrow. The bears will say that given the uncertainty few will want to make a stand into the weekend. The bulls will say that we are due for a short term bounce given the recent carnage and we are headed into the turn of the month, which has been extremely strong. I believe the bulls have a slightly stronger argument. I am just happy that my defensive portfolio finally outperformed today. Have a good night

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Anonymous said...

Tsachy, I know you realize this but it needs posting anyway.

The market is NOT moving from overbought/sold conditions. It is moving 100% from the events in the middle east and the price of oil. Niether of which are any closer to ending. Who would be short oil over the weekend?

Airlines are hedging there prices. In my state gas is up over 20 cents in 1 week. And going higher. When will this impact peoples spending. Effect the markets even more. States are bankrupt. You can see where this is going.