Tepper Turning Cautious

It appears David Tepper has turned cautious. From Market Folly:
It appears that Appaloosa Management founder David Tepper has turned cautious on the markets. In a recent interview with the NY Post, Tepper has interjected some common sense and says that "when things go up too high, they will go down."

The hedge fund manager seems to be advocating taking some profits and reducing risk, or at the very least, bracing for any potential impact. From the NY Post, "Tepper said while 'the biggest opportunities' will remain in equities, 2011 will be 'harder and not without risk.' "


Anonymous said...

Short SFI @ 7.70

Long IGOI @ 3.65


Onlooker said...

But wait, I thought his thesis was that everything would be bullish for stocks, no matter what.

How can this be? ;-)

It's actually heartening to see that he's not blindly bullish and averse to risk. Might keep this guy on my radar screen in the future.