More Head Scratchers

I mentioned earlier that I thought the action in the muni bond market was strange. There are some other strange things that I have been seeing:
  • points out that the S&P 500 has not closed below its 10 day moving average for 30 days. That has never happened in 82 years of data. 
  • The dollar is getting clobbered but gold and commodities are slightly lower on the day.
  • The persistence with which even the tiniest dips are bought is something that I have never seen. 


Anonymous said...

Short more ZLC @ 5.63


jewelin said...

How much does the unprecedented market interventions by governments explain these "head scratchers"?

Anonymous said...

planned economy. planned markets. sounds chinese.

Anonymous said...

Free market planned stock market.

When is the last intraday reversal down with any meat on it? August?

Anonymous said...

INTC just reported with better than expected results. Is this market going to use this to just power higher, or finally do we get a sell the news?