Bravo To Paul Volcker

Paul Volcker is leaving the Obama Administration. Barack Obama used Paul Volcker to gain credibility, but paid him very little attention. Instead, he listened to cronies. Bravo to Paul Volcker for walking away from Barack Obama and his reckless economic policies. Just so nobody thinks this is political, the Republicans are just as reckless and hypocrites as well because they claim to be fiscally conservative.


Anonymous said...

Man in the mirror!

I love when everyone comes out and criticizes the President of the United States on his job performance. Like they could be doing a better job??

How about some fresh ideas on how to fix things rather than sitting back and taking shots.

Anonymous said...

In the end, the people of the United States always oust the robber barons.

jag said...

Volker, a classic "useful idiot".

"Like they could be doing a better job?"

Please. Obama sold himself as a virtual messiah. All he did for two years was to finally jam an unwanted socialist healthcare policy down our throats.

Had he done NOTHING it would have been an improvement.

Fresh ideas? Three day a week residential postal deliveries. Let people buy health insurance across state lines. Allow individuals the same deductiblility for healthcare costs as corporations. Make congress abide by all laws THEY WRITE FOR OTHERS. Cut federal salaries 2% a year until voluntary separation rates in federal positions equals such rates in the private sector. End defined benefit pensions for all federal jobs. All open, non-union bidding on all federal projects. End all federal unions.

Need some more?

Anonymous said...


The usps employs over 600,000. So cutting delivery to 3 days a week ..that puts about 300,000 more tax paying Americans out of work!!


Abolish all unions. All employers pay bare minimum wage..with no benefits. You don't like it..your fired. We'll find someone who does.
Try paying student loans ,mortgage, food, heat, taxes,ins. auto, gas. ect ect on $9an hour!!

try again.