Rates and Commodities

With oil at a new 2 year high and interest rates starting to rise, at some point good news could become bad news. If oil surpasses the $100 level the Fed will have an awful hard time making the case for deflation and a continuation of QE II.


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Nobody seems to mention technicals on this blog?

We are 5 points away from a52 week high on s&p. IMO this market goes to 1300. I've been bullish for over a month. Posting to buy the dips.
With the financials only just starting to move up, I think it takes the market higher.

IMO next year will be a mirror of this past year. A couple of moves lower, with much bigger moves higher. Te recovery is real. And happening now. Don't miss out.


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Sold REVU today @ 0.95

Long more PCBC @ 0.28

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