Last Thing

The S&P additions today will have a minor negative effect on the S&P 500 in the last half hour.


Anonymous said...

2011 Predictions...

I think we see more slow growth in employment. Maybe 7.9% by years end.

I see the fed raising rates third quarter 2011.

I think the current move in the market continues and tries to reach 1300 in Jan. then a pullback.

I think it can hit 1420 some point next year but close out 2011 around 1350.

I see bigger returns in 2012 with unemployment around 6.5% But interest rates rocket up in 2012.

What do you see?

Anonymous said...

those are very optimistic expectations.

the fed will not raise rates for a decade.

unemployment will stay 10% for years, with real unemployment expanding to 30%.

interestingly, after a january correction, s&p's will be higher next year.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I don't believe this ends well but am unsure as to how it plays out. Hopefully, if I deal properly with the day to day opportunities the long term will take care of itself.