Weekend Reading

During the last two trading days of the week we finally saw unadulterated, hand over fist call buying. In my reading this weekend I have also noticed some signs that sentiment might have become too extreme.
  • There was a large amount of chatter in the blogosphere about why one should not try and fight the trend. While that point is debatable, my contrarian antennae go up when suddenly everybody is singing the same tune.
  • There is a bull/bear survey every weekend on TheStreet.com. I do not ever recall seeing it as lopsided as it is right now with 70% bulls and 20% bears.
  • I always check out the Insider Transactions in Barron's and it has been a long time since I have seen such large stock sales by insiders. Please note I am not talking about the ratio but the size of the insider sales.

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Anonymous said...

in general, insider sales are a good indicator, but the market is more macro focused than ever, so i wouldn't put too much weight on it...