One Sided

Judging by what I am reading nobody is fighting this move. If an unforeseen event happens a lot of people will be caught offsides. I am not saying something is going to happen but the potential for a nasty reaction is there if it does happen.


Anonymous said...

Doug Kass was on fast money saying the market has topped. I think he's basing this on the fact that the market is not up 200 today. He seems to think the market should be up everyday because of Bernakes 600billion.

He also says he thought we'd topped out 50 pts ago on the s&p.

He is almost always wrong. He made one good call, last year.

This is what he posted on his blog last Friday..

What Now? (RealMoney Silver $)

By Doug Kass

I will spend the weekend analyzing where I have gone wrong and what my strategy should be over the balance of the year.

03:05PM 11/05/10

He has no idea.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I have been a reader of Doug Kass for over a decade. He is right far more often than he is wrong. Everybody has rough periods and he is man enough to own up to it instead of trying to revise history like most other pundits.

Anonymous said...

Doug Kass got short at the right moment in 2008 and then called the bottom in March 2009 a few days before it happened. Since then he has more than once been a few months early in calling tops, but he has not been far wrong in actual prices. He was also right (so far) in predicting when we hit 1030 that that would be the bottom for this year. His record is as good as anyone's.