Fire Drill

Are today's rumbling in the sovereign debt and muni markets a fire drill or the real thing?


CP said...

Could be the real thing.

With the levels of call buying and retail sentiment the past two months, that could make it the "real thing".

PJ said...

I think we're close to the real thing, but the governments have pulled so many chestnuts out of the fire in the last few years, it's hard to bet the farm on it. Might be one last drill.

But I think a recession has started which is going to crush the banks and every indebted business, and threaten sovereign credit in many countries. So if there is a rescue, it will be short. 2 months at most.

Chaos! said...

Some of these states and municipalities are bankrupt. There is no longer the will to bail them out. The same is and will be happenning in soveriegns.
These market events must be monitored closely. Eventually there is no where left to turn and the whole credit world implodes.
They won't tell you in advance!