Expiration Influences

The market is just another commodity in the risk on/ risk off trade and I suspect that expiration has exacerbated today's move higher.


Anonymous said...

Well, I took my own advice and have been adding to my longs on dips. =)

AXP hit the $44 target I suggested and has since pulled back. F has gone a lot higher. And my 3rd pick for you all was vz. That hasn't moved much but I stil think it can hit $40 next year when it gets the iphone.

Between now and years end I think the market can go up 4-5%. Yes, there will be down days!


Chaos! said...

It's a great trading market. It satisfies both the bulls and the bears if they are nimble.
The sentiment numbers make it hard to make big upside progress while the seasonality probably puts a floor under the market.
My only caveat: beware the Ides of January!!