Does anybody out there know if there is a technical reason for the drop in the VIX to 19.24? That is not something the bulls want to see as it speaks of complacency. A low VIX can often persist and is not an immediate signal of danger. But its not comforting either.


PJ said...

I've been watching the VIX too. It seems like the banks who sell most options are very confident the Fed has their backs.

Whether that confidence is justified remains to be seen.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I think that there might have been a roll in the month that the VIX is based on so todays drop is not as big as it seems. Even so this level shows that there is little fear out there unless one considers the fear of missing.

Chaos! said...

This spike in the VIX (down) adds to he indicators which now show limited upside potential. I'm started my shorting operation, but will leave room for a silly last push.