More On David Tepper

I hope it does not seem like I am picking on David Tepper because he is undoubtedly talented and more successful than I could ever hope to be. However, I have seen the investing public turn others into gods only to see them stumble shortly after.

Nobody knows for certain what will happen. Nobody. And the market is never a no lose situation. If everybody is focusing on how great David Tepper is than I want to show the other side of the trade and show that he is fallible. If everybody were picking on him, I would likely be defending him. 
  • David Tepper made a strong case for the financials in May at the Ira Sohn conference. They have been the worst performing group since.
  • Tepper made downbeat comments in August only to turn bullish after the Fed meeting last week at much higher prices.
  • Tepper has made most of his money in distressed situations, not by calling the near term direction of the stock market.


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Anonymous said...

Tepper had major losses in 2008 because he did not understand the magnitude of the problem.

IC said...

I think he is holding a lot of financials he needs to distribute.