How's The Mood

Every Monday I make sure to read Jeff Saut's weekly commentary. He is one of the few strategists on Wall Street worth listening to. The following stuck out in this mornings' commentary as it relates to investor sentiment
The state of mind at the conference was particularly glum where prior to my presentation I was asked numerous times if I had a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g positive to say.  Accordingly, I began my discussion by stating that if one more person asked me about the Hindenburg Omen I was going to get sick.

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Anonymous said...

In the short term sentiment is very important. But at some point the bulls will have to come up with something better than "everyone is bearish" to justify their point of view. For the bulls, there is no 'there' there...

I have seen twice (at least twice, more likely three or four times) as many blog references to the Hindenburg Omen as a market positive than a market negative, including right here on this blog.

That is, I've seen a few bears (probably perma-bears who very few listen to) reference the HO as a reason to be cautious, and 20+ bulls making reference to the alleged HO 'hype' as a reason to be bullish.