Repurchased Gilead Covered Calls

Last week I wrote covered calls against my Gilead position. I bought back those calls today at a small gain. I am taking a longer view on the stock, even though we might see short term weakness.


Anonymous said...

Just a note.

You shouldn't fall in love with one stock.

You have really been pounding the table about GILD. They announced there buyback and the stock hardly moved. I'm not sure what your goals are for this one, short- long term. It looks like it could go to 30.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I think this is a rare opportunity. It is rare to find a cheap stock with a catalyst. This stock is cheap with two catalysts. The buyback and the the GENZ takeover. The actual buyback is what should drive the stock higher, not the announcement of a buyback. I believe that when one finds an edge one should bet heavily on it.

The weakness is due to the convertible debt offering and will pass in a few days. I am willing to wait through it.