Paulson's Positions

John Paulson has had a tough first half of the year and there is a chance of a vicious spiral as I have warned about. His two largest positions are GLD and BAC. Both are now trading at around the July lows. If risk markets sell off into the Fall I believe his funds will blow up. I believe he is now in the hands of the market. Unless he has made major changes to his portfolio, which is quite difficult when running a concentrated portfolio that large.


CP said...

I agree, I can't wait for gold to go back to $900 when he has to dump!

Anonymous said...

As some may know, Hugh Hefner offered to buy the rest of PLayboy shares for $5.50 a share.

Penthouse owners have topped that offer for just over $6 a share. (they also added...Hefner is welcome to retain editorial control of Playboy magazine and to continue to reside in the Playboy Mansion -- a property valued at roughly US$40 mn.)

You know Hugh will have none of that! I'm expecting a higher bid from Hugh.

Either way the shares are currently trading around 5.37

Anonymous said...

Doug Kass who just recently said we had hit the lows for this year is now calling for a correction?