Sold NOV

I sold NOV for a small profit. We had the bounce I was looking for and I don't want to turn a trade into an investment. Unfortunately NOV did not bounce as hard as the rest of the group.


Anonymous said...

you are the worst trader i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

LOL, anon that was a little uncalled for.

From reading his post for a while tsachy, definitely likes to trade.

If I gave you an investment that would guarantee a 20-30% return in 1 year. He would rather day trade for small profits than sit and wait for returns.

Anonymous said...

the is reporting rumors of a takeover of BP. Where do they get this stuff?

Tsachy Mishal said...

Maybe I can get a show on CNBC

Onlooker said...

You, anon, are, of course, anonymously brilliant, no doubt.

Thanks for the insightful and valuable contribution here /snark/.

PJ said...

Anon, quite absurd comment. I don't know Tsachy's entry or exit but possibly he made 1-2% in 2 days. That compounds to about 200% annually. If you consistently make 20% annually you're one of the best traders in the world. At 20% annually, 30 years turns $100k into $25 mn.

Don't sneer at successful trades.

Anonymous said...

He's a good trader because he doesn't miss much in terms of market fundamental and goes for singles and doubles and doesn't hold onto losers. All marks of a trader with a long future in this game.

I know some traders who will make 40%+ on a trade but hold onto losers down 25%. More exciting obviously, but also dangerous.

Anonymous said...

First, I am not the author of the original comment. I posted the second.

To Onlooker. Thank you. About time someone recognized my contributions. The success rate of my posts are better than 50% and thats way more than anyone else I've seen so far.

To PJ. I was not criticizing T.M. "style" of trading. The way I see it if you make money you won.

I just commented that he prefers to trade than invest. You can ask him directly. Tsachy, if you were sure to make 20% in a year on a stock would you put your money in it? I think if you truthfully answered you would say no. Because you like to trade.

And he would not be making 200% annually on his portfolio, because he would have to be investing it all on every trade and no one does that.

And to my anonymity, some of the best written word was anonymous.

I don't ask for credibility.

To Kobe ..we'll get you in game 2! I'm out!

Anonymous said...

I would not put my money in a stock to make 20% if I had to wait 1 year for it.

If I had about 500K in cash, another 30K to pay the bills for a year, then yes absolutely. I would do it.

PJ said...

Anon @ 11:47, I was replying to the first Anon, at 1:24, not you.

Tsachy clearly likes the 10-day time scale. Everyone has their own style. I invest mainly on 6-12 month time frames.