The Article On BP

Here is the link to the article that apparently scared many people in BP today. I am not an expert on oil and the expert being interviewed is clearly a lot more knowledgeable than I am. However, it would have been nice if the reporter asked him how he knows that there is a second spill larger than the first. It is quite an accusation to throw out there without offering up the proof. But I'm certain it will generate good ratings to the site.


Anonymous said...

My father worked with Simmons in the seventies, and I have followed his work for a few years. Simmons does extensive, rigorous, independent-minded research, and he single-handedly developed what may be the biggest energy story of the last twenty years: Saudi Arabia's biggest fields, including Ghawar, are declining much more rapidly than they acknowledge, even as their domestic consumption increases. Do not be too swift to dismiss what Simmons says.

Tsachy Mishal said...

I am certain there are equally smart and successful people who believe that BP will come through this. I don't just believe people blindly. The man made a very big claim that there is a second leak the size of a city without offering any proof.

Tsachy Mishal said...

And that BP knows about this second leak and is covering it up.

Anonymous said...

pins and needles. people are very nervous!

PD said...

fear and greed.

i love how an inside investment banker who has lots of experience gets to comment on an extremely complex and technical issue.

An even better. anonymous's sisters brother boyfriend dated simmons younger cousing ex teacher. grow up.

Everybody has one of two bets to make on the price of oil. it is going to go up or go down. So the public relations savy guy makes a large one way prediction and says "in the next five years oil will go above $100". then when it hits everyone thinks this guy has some massive prediction capability, like he single handidly help raise the price of oil himself. This is bullshit in it finest form. Did this guy predict that oil would then drop to $35 after the financial crisis? This is a bunch of crap, bad journalism, now you know why self help specialists are able to make a living on late night tv, or why jim cramer even has a job.

If he knew where the price of oil was going, why isn't he the richest person in the world. I know where i invest my money when i have a conviction about something.