Long For Now

I am still long for now and think the market should be fine over the next few weeks but just want to reiterate why I am not bullish on the market through the Fall:
  • The government is trying to unload $20 billion worth of Citigroup stock.
  • The government is also trying to unload GM and Chrysler wants to come back as well.
  • Private equity shops are lining up to sell the companies they bought in the last cycle.
  • The economy is slowing and more stimulus might be not be possible as the deficit has become a political issue.
  • Europe is slowing and will have a negative short term effect even though they are taking necessary steps.
  • Comps are getting tougher
  • Seasonality will be negative for the next few months
In the short run their has been too much fear and negativity but after a respite I am getting out of dodge.

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