Hulcer Attack

The action for the past few months has had an extremely unnatural feel to it. There were no pullbacks on the way up. Nobody complained because everybody was making money but this is the end result. I almost had a heart attack and an ulcer combined as option prices were wacky and I thought I lost a very large percentage of my money. If I were Cliff Asness I would stay in my house for the next few days. Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Volatility is going to be back for the next few weeks. I would suggest putting in much higher or lower limit orders, you never know if they might get filled.

Regardless, if the 1000 pt drop was caused from someones mistake, this market was heading down over 300pts before that happened.

Unfortunately for me I missed all the fun today. My work hours are 2-11pm.

Anonymous said...

Also, Even if many of the trades are canceled from the 1000 pt drop, there are many more that are legit.

Usually when you have a move like that, the level is retested some time in the near future.

After a pop higher I think we drift lower over the next few weeks.

good luck

Tsachy Mishal said...

If it was human panic than the lows should be tested after a bounce. But if the computers caused it than Im not so sure that premise is valid.