More Records

It looks like the ISE equity only is going to break its record today. With ten minutes left in the day it is sitting at 365 and the previous record is 280. I would note that the data only goes back to 2006. We have seen record breaking call buying the past few days. If past is prologue this is not a good thing for the bulls.

I am very proud of the high level of discussions that occur on a daily basis on the message boards here. Bulls and bears discuss the market in a civil manner trying to figure out together where the market is headed unlike what is seen on most message boards. Thank you. Have a good night.


Onlooker said...

Thanks for hosting this blog and sharing your thoughts Tsachy. I've learned a lot over the past year or so.

I think we are creeping up on a near term top. I expect to see some negative divergences develop on the charts and some deterioration of breadth, etc. over the next few days. That may then give us the (modest, IMO) correction we've been looking for.

Then another push to possibly new highs that will tell us more about this market. Just might get a lasting top this summer. We'll see.

stock news said...

Key benchmark indices are likely to open on a subdued note following weak cues from the Asian peers. Wall Street stock ended higher yesterday after an encouraging earnings forecast from UPS and stronger manufacturing figures gave the stock market its sixth straight advance. Asian stock markets traded lower despite gains on Wall Street which saw the Dow close higher for a sixth straight session. India's annual rate of inflation, based on the wholesale prices, increased slightly to 9.9 percent in March from 9.89 percent, government data released yesterday. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is likely to further tighten the monetary policy to tame inflationary pressure in the economy.

According to data released by the NSE, in the last session, FIIs were net sellers of index futures to the tune of Rs 861.87 crore, while they bought index options worth Rs 475.36 crore. They were net sellers of stock futures to the tune of Rs 32.07 crore and bought stock options worth Rs 27.76 crore.

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