Are Down Days Still Legal

The market finally seems to be correcting just as the bulls thought there was clear sailing as far as the eye could see. Generally, the first dip after such a strong move higher is bought and there is a second chance to sell stocks. Even if we first see some further downside, I would expect that to be the case this time around as well. The caveat is that if the Greek crisis comes to a head, traders are very poorly positioned for a crisis and that could exacerbate the downside.

I still have a small net short position and hope to be able to raise the size of that position after options expiration. I apologize for the laggage in posts but I have been on vacation and will return to my normal schedule next week.

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Random Thoughts said...

No they are not and this is ridiculous already, I want to give up. I cant see myself going long, but staying short is getting really damn annoying