Get Out Of Jail Free

It seems the bulls have a get out of jail free card with today's claims numbers and tomorrow's NFP data. If the number is bad the bulls will point to the weather. If the number is good they will say things are getting better. I suspect today's claims data will be better than expected as last week was likely effected by the weather.


nicasurfer said...

That is what i was thinking all day yesterday. Would have really liked to see us shoot straight up into the close yesterday. Now we have the possibility of grinding higher or sideways for the next couple of weeks.

Unless the number is really bad.

Also everything has been blamed on the weather. I think it is a matter time until people figuire this weather crap is BS.

PJ said...

I don't know of any significant storms last week, so hard to see how the weather would be a viable excuse for a bad number.

PJ said...

Blah report. Identical to the 4-week moving average. Hiring off unemployment rolls was also identical to previous weeks. No change in the job market.