Five Things I Would Like To See

  1. Greece sells bonds and fears subside, so I don't have to hear about all Greece all the time.
  2. The Employment report passes. I don't care if its good or bad. I just want it to be in the past.
  3. Everybody breathes a sigh of relief that Greece and the employment report are in the rearview mirror and buy stocks mindlessly.
  4. I go short. OL DAWG gives his stamp of approval and joins me by buying out the entire float of EDZ.
  5. Market participants find another part of the unbalanced global economy to worry about.


CP said...

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Random Thoughts said...

@Tsachy and CP - LOL

Random Thoughts said...

You forgot #6 Mammary Monday leads to turnaround Tuesday

nicasurfer said...

i love mammary mondays

Random Thoughts said...

Thanks, I actually just found a really nice set for next Monday.