It appears exhaustion is settling in. I will be looking to short the next bounce if we get one.


Anonymous said...

You should have held your shorts. You had said it was only a very small position and you even got spooked out of that!

Even if a person is bullish this market has to have a profit taking day. It will and very soon.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

He covered because unlike the OL DAWG his favorite movie is The Barbershop with Ice Cube.

Ol DAwg prefers NEXT FRIDAY and Don't Be a Menace in the HOod while drinking your juice in South Central.

Best Bellleeee dat. Audi 5 thousand fo shizzay da hizzay.


Anonymous said...

Dawg, have you been averaging down EDZ? Or are you out?

Anonymous said...

I'm still in it Dawg. I averaged down my short through DRV.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming an epic battle for the 1150 mark. I currently have 3 bearish positins v. one bull. I'm thinking of adding another bull.
The bears just are not getting it done.
Any thoughts?

You would have to agree that any future dips will quickly be bought.