Added To Longs

I added to my Gap Stores long at the open. It is trading higher now. I believe the street is short the name.
  • Short interest has been rising
  • Goldman has been pounding the table that the stock was a sell.
  • The stock traded down hard yesterday ahead of today's numbers.
I am also using today's weakness to start buying back my Berkshire Hathaway position.


Anonymous said...

waiting to see if we take out 1073 and a lower low.

Anonymous said...

I still have my original Berkshire position and I've picked up Excelon! It's trading at an 8 month low, pays a 4.6% dividend with the ex-dividend date on the 16th and a PE of 11. I played it thru the last ex-dividend date and it didn't budge.

Chaos! said...

I'm back in BRKB too. It will have a pop next week going into the index unless the market goes to 1050.