Minor Manicuring

I have done some minor manicuring of positions. Last week, I switched a portion of my short exposure to the QQQQ. I thought we might see some tax related selling early in the year as the QQQQ was up nearly 50% last year. The QQQQ has indeed underperformed the past few days and I decided to switch my short exposure back to the SPY.

In addition, I sold the AMGN 57.50 calls against my long position. They had some news that I believe caps the stock in the short term.

I am about to board a plane out of Miami where I was house hunting. I will let readers know what I saw down here when I settle back in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, give plenty of details about the house-hunting and general impressions about the area. There's plenty of journalist points of view available, but what is missing is the view, from the ground, of someone with a financial background, no ax to grind, and a tendency towards skepticism and willingness to consider the bear side of the story.

Anonymous said...

nice timing!

Tsachy Mishal said...

It would be nicer if the market would go down already.