Finally Some Fear

We are finally starting to see some fear and panic. In my opinion this is a good thing and an important ingredient for a bounce.


Anonymous said...

Vix has been skyrocketing the last 2 days.
Overall earnings ok, not great. Unemployment rising again?

Republicans are back.

And I just can't see investors pouring back into financials with Obama trying to bring them down.

We probable will bounce at some point but the market direction has turned lower for the next few weeks.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Apple owners:

You should take not of the recent earnings and the reactions to them.

I don't think any number is going to be good enough for a rally off of 205. And if it does, maybe $5. The markets could selloff again.

PJ said...

Good timing, Tsachy, the bounce came right on schedule.

But I think the old resistance level at 1116 well become resistance again, not support. We might get a fake breakout above it on the first bounce, but I think by midweek we'll be below 1116 to stay.

Anonymous said...

It has tried multiple times to rally and this is the best it could do?

Watch your bids.