Existing Home Sales Plummet

Existing home sales plummet. The economists are shocked!!!

I was entertaining the idea of rehedging ahead of the number but I was not convinced that the number would matter. It looks like I made a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Dawg, you nailed MED !! Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...


That was a risky trade.

The next time I'm gonna really think hard before trading this kind of set up.

But for what it's worth


I did a calculation and it seems to me that this company is growing at around 50% per year revenue and earnings. Their growth rate since 1999 has been around 40% a year.

I think forward P/E is around 14 right now.

According to the company's 09 estimate of earnings, the stock is currently trading trailing p/e of 26.

Compared to Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, MED seems undervalued.

Let's see if this stock makes it past 25. The market needs to hold here.