Earned Money

I sat in front of my computer for the bulk of the past two weeks as most were on vacation and was finally rewarded today. Treasuries trade at the CBOT in the open outcry from 8:20 AM to 3:00 PM. That is where the real money is that dictates the price of treasuries. TLT and TBT, which are the ETFs continue trading until the stock market closes at 4 PM. Most days there is not much movement in the TLT and TBT between 3PM and 4PM unless the stock market makes a move.

Today TBT shot up from 50 at 3PM to 50.5 at 3:30 even though the stock market was actually lower. I don't know why it happened but I realized that it would likely be corrected and quickly shorted some TBT. I was able to cover minutes later as treasuries shot right back to where they were at 3PM.

Did I make a fortune? No. But it feels good because I earned it by staying glued to my seat and paying attention.


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Performing a vital arbitrage function for the market and getting justly compensated - that's a good speculator!