I just got in on the Red Eye. I barely was able to sit down at my desk when I saw the Bank of America news and had to make some very quick decisions. That is the reason my posts this morning were a little hurried.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I read somewhere that GS has been really tight with their jobs report expectations lately. Have any idea what they are forecasting tomorrow? I just want it to be like 189000. I know the consensus is 169000.

Anonymous said...

How much pressure does this put on other TARP recipients to pay back, with more stock issuance...could be more major dilution in some financial shares.
This past year BAC and others already issued a lot more stock and the impact on the stock price was minimal. Will this time be different?

Tsachy Mishal said...

This time will not be different. Major share issuances have always been negative.

Earlier this year was the different time. Managers were holding record levels of cash and short positions. That is the reason the share issuances had no effect. That is no longer the case.