Relief Rally

The Russell 2000 is actually outperforming today for the first time in forever. Another sign that the market might be ready for a relief rally.


Anonymous said...

All my little one dollar stocks shot up at the close.

I think there was a buy program into Russell 1000.

Also I own two little banks. They especially got a lift.

It seems to be there is rotation into the financials as the BKX looks like it's gonna turn. It's no wonder as they been getting punished.

It's good to be a bull right now dawg. Especially in the banks.

Anonymous said...

You can find me in da banks.

Finger on da buy. Bottle full of bub.

I ain't into making cents I'm into making bucks.

So come give me a hug.

When I roll 3 bids deep, the market makers and the ecn's looking to flush.

But they can't scare a G, cuz I got Bernanke's comments giving me a push.

G'z up hoez down.