Random Thoughts From Hungary

  • I am currently in Hungary for the first time. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Hungary was among the most advanced societies. While Hungary is now a democracy again the effects of their Communist experiment are still being felt as the country is visibly run down and poor.
  • Which makes me think of our socialist experiment. Is printing money to bail out failed institutions and promote larger government the answer to our problems?
  • Are Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke geniuses? Why didn't other central bankers throughout history think of the novel idea of lowering rates to zero in order to solve every problem?
  • The headlines from Obama's trip to China is that he is urging the Chinese to allow uncensored access to the Internet. Who gives a rats @$! ? With all the trade imbalances his biggest concern is if the Chinese can watch porn online?


Onlooker said...

Agreed. We're going to pay for this period of excess and greed for a very long time the way we're choosing to "fix" things.

All we're doing is continuing to pull forward demand and steal from future generations, rationalizing it with poor economic theory that just panders to politics and is fundamentally cowardly and immoral.

History will treat us very harshly, IMO.

caveman said...

LOL, funny stuff. I say let the Chinese watch their porn!