Jim Grant's Variant View

I am a big fan of Jim Grant's. I subscribe to his newsletter and have read many of his books. I was irked by his bullish call a few weeks ago. Not because he was bullish, but because he had the gall to say his view was variant. He recommended Nucor as his top pick based on a strong cyclical recovery. The stock is down 15% since his recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll give you my picks. I think I'm better than Jim Grant.

I am long STSA from .725 and long BBX from 1.58.

Please join me. My stocks bounce, you'll find out when you join me.

-ol' dawg

Anonymous said...

Go long 12 on the roulette wheel. Its better than penny stocks.

Anonymous said...

I don't gamble or play roulette so I don't know how many 12's there are in a wheel. If there are less than half that is definitely not better.

I will post the price of my exit points.