I See

There has been some extreme call buying on the ISE the past few days. Today, the ISE Equity is chiming in at 315. That is something I have never seen. Investors are buying calls with reckless abandon. If investors are bearish they are certainly not expressing themselves in the options market.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel too comfortable being long this market dawg, but I'm long anyway. Bought BBX at 2.15.

WTF does this bank do? Who cares, it's a listed stock so I feel a little better about that. Florida, they need to borrow money to rebuild homes and shit that were blown away by hurricanes.

I was going to buy EDZ or FAZ but it's a bet that this run ends with a double top. LIke a 50/50 bet, no edge. So rather would see the mkt blow through the top and then short dawg.

Anonymous said...

Although we are heading towards overbought, I believe after a small pullback we shoot to 10600 on dow. 1160 S&P. There's not much resistance moving higher.
Lower moves have quite a few support levels.