Wrap Up

I am calling it a week. Have a great weekend. Be cautious as there are more unknowns out there than any time I can remember

  • Once again the Financials and Consumer Discretionary were the out performers while Technology and Energy are lagging. Not the best outcome for hedge funds as they are not positioned that way (see my post from earlier in the week on hedge fund positioning).
  • Will there be more hedge fund blow ups next week? What happens if there aren't?
  • A Lehman resolution is possible next week. Being that it is highly anticipated it will be interesting to see if the news is bought or sold.
  • Now that the Republican National Convention is over the Treasury might announce their plan for Fannie and Freddie. Did you really think they were going to upstage themselves?
  • Ever since I started writing this blog I have received more business propositions from people I don't know than a $5 hooker.
  • Somehow all the propositions involve me giving them money.
  • Did it seem crazy when I was considering buying the SPY this morning?

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