Squeeeeeeze Observations

  • That was a sight to be seen. First the Fed didn't cut rates and the Bears attacked taking the S&P down 18. Once the Bears were completely off guard the Fed leaked out the news that they were going to throw a lifeline to AIG, catching the Bears with their pants down. The S&P was up as many as 22 points.
  • A 40 point rally in less than an hour. That's why they say the biggest rallies occur in Bear Markets.
  • I still don't think we are done going down.
  • If only the Fed was as adept at managing the economy as they are in squeezing shorts we wouldn't be in the mess.
  • What am I doing? Nothing. So much rests on who is going to bail out what. I have no edge.
  • Someone needs to inform the Fed that the Bears are not the problem. Its the economy and the mess they helped create.

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