A Quick Note

I just wanted to make a quick statement before I head out for the day. All this talk I keep hearing of a depression is actually making me bullish. I think we are very close to a long side trading opportunity. This is the type of talk you hear at a bottom. I want to hear more depression talk and less bottom talk. The same clowns that told you to buy 30% higher are now saying to sell down here.


Tamas said...

And what is your framework to make such a statement? Do you seriously assume that a bit of bailout and mending the regulation will stop the contagion?

Tsachy Mishal said...

My time frame for the statement was shorter term. Such negativity is generally seen closer to bottoms than tops. While that evidence was anecdotal the VIX at 48 was empirical. I actually think we are going lower in the longer term but thought the pervasive gloom that day was good for at least a bounce. It was, but after the GE news I am pulling in my horns.