Morning Observations

  • Do you really want to buy a market that is being manipulated higher by the government?
  • When's the last time that worked longer term?
  • Did you think they were going to let the market fall before the election, without a fight?
  • The constant government interference distorts markets. One not only needs to focus on fundamentals, economic conditions, crowd psychology but on trying to predict what our socialist government will do next.
  • Who do they blame the next time the market goes down?
  • On one hand I believe we are in a deflationary environment, which is bad for commodities. On the other hand I can hear the US government starting up the US dollar printing press and am tempted to buy Gold.
  • Could they go after gold buyers next?
  • What do you think the P&L of the Plunge Protection Team is going to look like today?
  • Nice Trade Hank!
  • I am trying to figure out if my urge to short this move is rational. If I told you yesterday at noon you could sell the S&P at 1250, would you have taken the offer? Or is it just my anger at the government for trying to manipulate the market?
  • Why doesn't the government just print the stock prices they want to see twice a day and we could all go home?
  • The more I think about the government interfering in markets the more I don't want to be involved.
  • Who am I kidding?

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